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Monthly Growth Session

Monthly Growth Session


The Monthly Growth Session is designed for individuals seeking to collaborate with me on a monthly basis, crafting a step-by-step plan month after month. It’s tailored for those with limited time to spare each month, aiming to work together with me in pursuit of their goals.

[It’s simple. First, I engage my clients by having them complete my intake/onboarding questionnaire. Afterwards I review that document, assess your current standings, summarize problems presented and share my observations. Once that is completed, I share my possible solutions and offer a package. (*Please note that working with me will require reading books that I suggest along the way.)]


  • Goal setting
  • Number reviews (I work alongside you in finding your true margins, areas for cost improvement, wasted money, areas where more money can be made, etc.)
  • Required reading reviews
  • Homework assignments
  • 1 long term goal
  • 3 short term goals
  • Follow up/Follow Through
  • 2 sessions (1.5 hours each) every month