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“Yesterday is over. Tomorrow isn’t here, yet. Give your best today – in this moment.” – Kamia

Kamia Kindle

My professional journey kicked off in 2004, immediately following my successful completion of the Bachelor’s Degree Program at DeVry University, right here in Kansas City, Missouri. After dedicating four years to the corporate world, I experienced rapid growth within the online marketing and email industry. I vividly recall the day I confidently strolled into the president’s office to submit my resignation letter. It was a moment marked by unwavering faith and fearlessness, as I set out on the path that has since defined my life as a genuine founder and entrepreneur.

Today, many years down the road, I wear multiple hats as a full-time CEO, a dedicated mother, a loving wife, and a relentless businesswoman. I’ve become an acknowledged authority in the realms of marketing strategy, web design and development, and internet marketing. My journey has transformed me into an expert marketing guru, and I continue to thrive in these roles with unwavering determination.

I’m eager to share my story, encompassing both triumphs and setbacks, with individuals like YOU who are poised to evolve from aspiring entrepreneurs into accomplished CEOs.

“You look like your decision. Choose wisely.” – Kamia


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“Dig deep. Plant your feet. Become unmovable. That is your stance!” – Kamia

The 7 Hard Knocks of Small Business

What I share with you in this book are what I call the “7 Hard Knocks” of small business. There are seven chapters within the book that share real life examples of things that I went through and learned from the hard way. I have written this book so small business owners that are just starting, can avoid going through the same real business failures and struggles I went through many years ago. They can also implement some positive things I share as well.

Each chapter is formatted to define the “Hard Knock” in question, I’ll share my real-life example of how that Hard Knock affected me personally, and finally different ways that you can identify it within your own business.