Introduction to Microsoft 


Taking the Introduction to Microsoft: Windows, Word, Excel, and Typing course offers numerous benefits for individuals, especially beginners who are looking to enhance their computer skills and proficiency with essential Microsoft applications.

Upon successful completion of this class, students will receive:

  • Their class laptop;
  • A certificate of completion;
  • An updated resume;
  • A formal letter of recommendation; and
  • Inclusion in the Graduate Directory for prospective employers.

Course Benefits

The course provides a solid foundation in computer basics, including understanding the Windows operating system, file management, and navigating computer interfaces. This knowledge is essential for effectively using any computer system.

Participants gain proficiency in three essential Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, and Windows. These applications are widely used in various industries for document creation, data analysis, and general productivity tasks.

Learning to use Microsoft Word and Excel efficiently can significantly enhance productivity in both personal and professional contexts. Participants learn time-saving techniques, such as keyboard shortcuts, formatting shortcuts, and efficient document management strategies.

The inclusion of touch typing instruction helps participants improve their typing speed and accuracy. Efficient typing skills are essential for many professions and can increase productivity when working on computers.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications is often listed as a prerequisite or desired skill for many job positions. Completing this course can enhance participants’ resumes and make them more competitive in the job market.

The skills learned in this course are versatile and applicable across various industries and job roles. Whether students are pursuing careers in administration, data analysis, marketing, or any other field, proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and basic computer skills is highly beneficial.

For individuals who may be less familiar with technology, completing this course can increase confidence in using computers and software applications effectively. This confidence can translate into improved performance in academic, professional, and personal tasks.

This introductory course serves as a stepping stone for individuals who wish to pursue more advanced training in Microsoft applications or other computer-related topics. It provides a strong foundation upon which learners can build their skills and knowledge.

Are You Ready?

Overall, the Introduction to Microsoft: Windows, Word, Excel, and Typing course offers participants a comprehensive introduction to essential computer skills and Microsoft applications, empowering them to become more efficient, productive, and confident users of technology.