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Enterprise Virtual Incubator Plan: 6 Months

Enterprise Virtual Incubator Plan: 6 Months


This program spans six intense months wholly dedicated to fostering the growth of your company. Over this period, we will collaboratively define your top three goals, map out the strategies to attain them, and establish a framework for continuous analysis and refinement. Throughout this journey to success, you’ll be engaged in various action items crucial to the execution of this comprehensive plan.


[It’s simple. First, I engage my clients by having them complete my intake/onboarding questionnaire. Afterwards I review that document, assess your current standings, summarize problems presented and share my observations. Once that is completed, I share my possible solutions and offer a package. (*Please note that working with me will require reading books that I suggest along the way.)]


  • Goal setting
  • Number reviews (I work alongside you in finding your true margins, areas for cost improvement, wasted money, areas where more money can be made, etc.)
  • Required reading reviews
  • Homework assignments
  • 1 long term goal
  • 3 short term goals
  • Follow up/Follow Through
  • 2 sessions (1.5 hours each) every month
  • It includes me sharing my professional networks and resources
  • It includes R&D from Kamia Kindle Ent. and helping The Creative Touch with growth opportunities.
  • Every month I help with your presentations, meetings with your vendors and representation with The Creative Touch. (These services would go into the 2 hours per month if needed.)